Caliper rust removal

Wayne Cox
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 14:31:54 -0500

At 02:07 PM 7/24/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I got myself a set of used NX calipers.  They are very rusty.  I have all
>the parts needed to rebuild them, but need to get the rust off first.  I
>was thinking Naval Jelly and a wire wheel on my drill.  Anyone have a
>better method?

Sand or bead blast.  Check your yellow pages.

Pull out the rubber parts around the pins. But leave the piston and bleeder
screw in, so the machined surfaces don't get destroyed, and the grit
doesn't get in.  The piston might clean up.  Or you can just leave it
as-is, or buy a replacement.

I'd be cautious about painting them.  Regular paint will flake off and look
like crap.  Any light or bright color...  they look great when clean;  but
the first time you drive a mile for a beer run, the brake dust is gonna
look so bad you'll wish you just had plain ol' cast iron.

Use a kit specially made for calipers, or powder coat them.  Go for dark
grey or black, unless you enjoy taking the wheels off to clean them twice

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