First time owner. [Was: (no subject)]

Ben Fenner
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 10:33:16 -0500

> i'm really worried that i'll be blowing my money on
> unproductive items.

All ready you've separated yourself from most of the Honda crowd =)

> i was wondering what would be the best order of operation.
> * my plans for this car are modest right now-
>  naturally aspirated, lowered, great stability around the curves, clean-
>  but i was hoping to put together something that would be
>  compatible with more expensive upgrades ( turboed and such)
>  in the future.

Brakes, Wheels/Tires, Suspension, Power/Power train.
Suspension, Brakes, Wheels/Tires, Power/power train.

You could always go with upgrading the power first, but that's the most
expensive part and where things can go very wrong with the car making it
sidelined for weeks. You mentioned N/A with turbo compatability. I
originally thought I'd go N/A as well, but found out the money/power ratio
was highly in favor of the turbo option. I'd say do the other stuff first
then worry about power, meanwhile you'll get used to the way your car
handles and may have more money/knowlage for that stuff later. N/A upgrades
that are compatible with turbo would be something like a JWT (Jim Wolf
Technologies) Pop Charger (conical air filter), possibly a cold air intake
as well, but even that may not work out later with the turbo. Obviously
things like headers, higher compression, and agressive cams will not work
with or hinder your eventual turbo experience.

I'd agree with everything George said about upgrading on a budget except his
insisting on coilovers.

"As for lowering, there are lots of cheap alternatives, but ultimately,
coilovers are the only way to go on an SE-R."

Yes the suspension travel is little to nothing especially in the rear but
you can get shortened struts with adjustable spring pirches, slap some
Eibach or whatever springs in there and you're going to be pretty good for
half the price. Am I missing something? Have I just described a coilover

1994 Sentra SE-R