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George Roffe geo3@earthlink.net
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 10:06:31 -0500

joey wrote:

>I recently purchased my 200sx se-r 95, and i'm having a great time
>driving it! Theres not too many se-r enthusiasts here in houston

You might be surprised.

>         * my plans for this car are modest right now-naturally
>         aspirated, lowered, great stability around the curves, clean-
>         but i was hoping to put together something that would be
>         compatible with more expensive upgrades ( turboed and such)
>         in the future.

Well, the first thing I think I'd do is make sure the car is mechanically
sound - you might take a look at the suspension bushings before tinkering
with anything else.  After that good wheels and tires will yield the
biggest improvement in handling and braking.  The AD22VF (NX2000) brake
upgrade is really hard to beat for the money.  As for lowering, there are
lots of cheap alternatives, but ultimately, coilovers are the only way to
go on an SE-R.  You see, the chassis has so little suspension travel that
higher spring rates and shortened shock bodies are required to lower these
cars and still get a decent ride.  The best street set-up I've drive is the
Motivational Engineering set-up.  If you decide you are going to autocross
or do driver education (DE) events, there are some great dual-purpose to
full race set-ups out there.  But, if your car is street only, I think the
Motivational set-up is hard to beat.

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