Wheel weight

Michael Jez 93SER@attbi.com
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 02:13:19 -0500

I weighted some SO3 Potenzas vs Dunlop W10s and Potenzas are heavier than
Dunlops by 5lbs in the same size. I currently run 17x8 RPO1 Eneki- 15lbs
each on my bathroom scale and 25lbs per tire Nitto 555 Extreme in 245-45-17
size. My Previous combo was 24lbs each a wheel- Konig Tantrum 18x7.5 w/
235-40-18 SO3s that eighted 29lbs each. With air, valve stem and wheel
weights it ended up weighting almost 60lbs a piece compared to 43lbs of my
Nitto/Enkei combo. This is for my Max. I belive my OE B13 wheels with RE71
Potenzas weight only 25lbs each. They are feather light. This is just a
refference that tires do weight a substantial amount, and some are lighter
than others. I like the 555 Extremes much more than the Potenza S03s. It
also helps that I got the wheels and tires for dirt cheap....can ya say free
?:) Take offs from a Lexus I worked on.
Mike Jez.