Leaving the Nissan family

Mark Holden mark@vectorworld.com
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 07:16:26 -0500

After nearly ten years of owning SE-R's, and nearly that amount of time
on this list, I also sold my '93 on Monday.  My WRX was getting all of
the fun, and I just couldn't justify keeping the SE-R around as a
project car anymore.  Plus, I'm getting married and the house where
we'll live has only a single garage sport, and that holds her
turbocharged wagon :)

In trying to sell the car I had been driving it almost exclusively for
the last few weeks, and I have to say that with the relatively minor
suspension tweaks that I had, the car really rotated worlds better than
the WRX.  And of course throttle response and low-rpm torque from the
SR20DE were dramatic compared to the EJ20.

I'm still on the list for now, and I expect I'll chime in every once in
a while.

Thanks for all the help over the years guys!

Mark Holden
Ex '93 Superblack Classic - Energy Suspension (suspension, shifter,
torque mounts)/Tokicos/PRI CAI/AEM Bypass/JWT PP