Wheel and Tire Combo

hlava lhlvava@tampabay.rr.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 23:30:01 -0500

Hmmm, seems I've been asking lots of questions, lately... feast or famine.

I've finally been given the "go" sign by my financial advisor(wife) to buy a
set of wheels and tires. I've decided on the S-03's(tirerack.com has an
awesome price on the 195's). And, I'd like to get a good set of lightweight
wheels. I've searched the heck out of too many websites(ads and car mags are
good for something... plus google search and whatnot). Lots of places offer
the S-03's, but not a lightweight wheel. Or, they offer a lightweight wheel,
but not the S-03's.

Bruce, at tirerack, told me that they can't get Rotas(which I was really
leaning to... lightweight, decent cost), but can supply me with Kosei K1

Does anyone out there have any personal experience or knowledge of them?I
think in some of my research, I found that they're about 13 or 13.5 lbs.,
but that's it. I'd love to find a place that sold the Potenza's and Rotas as
a package(lugnuts, balance, etc...) at a price that's less than a month's of
my kids(3) daycare fee.

I'm tired, so, sorry for the excess verbiage.

Thanks for your time and trouble,