Leaving the Nissan family

George Roffe geo3@earthlink.net
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:15:18 -0500

Eddy, Michael wrote:

>Ultimately, I decided that I wanted an A4, and a few weeks ago, I finally
>found a '99 equipped to my liking.

Hey, I hope you enjoy it.  I like the previous body style A4 much better
than the current one.  Nice car.  I too made a similar move as a result of
my G20 being totalled, but I still have the SE-R.  My new wheels can be
seen here:


My SE-R is finally close to being driveable again though.  I'm looking
forward to driving, although not much since they are so hard to replace
now, not that mine is currently a particularly nice example (for now).

>There's a real COMMUNITY of people here...not as large as it
>used to be...but I think that the S/N ratio is maybe even better because of

Agreed.  It's still by far the best list/forum I'm associated with.  Very
technically knowledgeable and mostly down to business, yet quite friendly
as long as you don't waste people's time.  I wish more lists/forums were
like this.

>So far, the audiworld forum doesn't seem too bad, though people seem
>oddly obsessed with their sigs.

Same on the E46 Bimmer forum.  Some of that on SR20DE Forum as well, but
not too bad.  I personally hate images in sigs, but that's another rant for
another time.

>Oddly, it doesn't seem like I really parted with my little red car until
>now, as I'm leaving the community that taught me so much about it.

Thankfully for me, I still have SR20 power in the driveway. :-)

>Perhaps I'll get lucky and lots of you will buy Audis in the future :^)

Not likely in my case since I have two other Uberwagens.

Good luck Michael.  Enjoy your A4.  I wonder if SEaRl still has his A4?.......

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