Ford Brake Fluid Review

Annick Savard
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:23:54 -0500

Hi Dale,

I was thinking to replace my oil brake(motul 600) by a cheaper one(Ford
HD) eventually. This weekend will be the first time i will try the Motul
RBF 600 so it's not anytime soon.

So it's not very good for roadrace? Maybe i am wrong but before your
brake oil start to boil, your brake rotors and pads must be very hot
before(assuming your change your brake oil often) right?

What is your brake setup? And what kind of mods you have(turbo, full
bolt-ons, no need to be specifics)? Maybe it's normal because your
car(and you) are really fast. My car is a sentra spec v stock(except the
brakes). Maybe this stuff can be enough to me?

What did you think?