2002 Showroom Stock Racer for sale

EEYORE5182@aol.com EEYORE5182@aol.com
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:59:31 -0500

im not 100% positive this was posted here or not (im thinking it was, but the
car is still for sale), so I thought i would give it a whirl..
Barry Brown is selling his 2002 Sentra race car, at a substantial loss (he
needs to get rid of it..the car has already been replaced.  Here is his
e-mail to our MA-SERCA list.  I know he would love to see this go to a fellow
SE-R owner..Please e-mail him with any questions.

'93 NX2k

FOR SALE: 2002 Sentra SE-R. PERFECT condition. I will sacrifice, and sell for
a huge loss just to get it sold.
2200 orig. miles. Comes with loads of extras like three (3) sets of factory
wheels, lots of extra suspension parts, spare ECU, and many, many
other parts. Professionally maintained by Datsun Dynamics. The Mitch Piper
rollcage is a work of art. Sparco racing seat. The car has lots of custom
work, like a mandrel-bent exhaust. It is 100% street legal AND 100%
race-ready. It has a fuel test port and a hard-wired transponder. It comes
with lots of track tires, including two brand new ones. With all the spare
parts, you'll not have to worry about suspension or brakes for a very long
time. $25K was spent to to get the car to this condition and will sacrifice
(to avoid divorce) for $13,000.00.
Here is a photo: http://www.b15sentra.net/barry/BBrown7ssc.jpg
Willing to finance.
If interested, e-mail me at: mimishusband@yahoo.com or call (703) 339-0579.