boost controller

Michael Jez
Sat, 5 Apr 2003 19:34:12 -0600

HKS EZ, can be had for around 250-270 brand new... don't get jizzed on the
price. It will boost up to like 35psi, its EZ to adjust and works. No weird
screen too look at, no fuzzy logic bs. Just straight up no BS operation.
Check out thats my friend Wayne, tell him Mike Jez
send ya and he will hook ya up. He can get any parts from Japan, and his
prices are awesome. I've known Wayne for about 5 years, good guy, big
Mike Jez
93 SE-R GTi-R TO4E FMAX equal lenght manifold, going to dyno soon-
500-525WHP- bringing a spare trans just in case :P
01 Max GXE 5spd, Cattman Ypipe /w no middle cat, test pipe-
no cats at all, Magnaflow 2.5" manifolds back exhaust, PR CAI, UD pulley,
S-AFC, UD flywheel, ACT clutch, GCs, Koni Yellows, Front + Rear STBs, 3.5
front SE sway bar, rear ADDCO sway bar, Hawk pads, Enkei RPO1 17x8
w/245-45ZR-17 Nitto 555 Extremes, short throw shifter, NOS wet kit- 219WHP
w/o NOS.