Electrical woes

Ben Fenner fenfam@attbi.com
Sat, 5 Apr 2003 10:45:37 -0600

"Ben, your not the first one to have this
happen to them."

Thank god! Not that I hope for the misfortune of others. But this is so odd!

"This just happened in my
G20.  Same exact thing."

I just had a G20 engine swapped in to my Sentra. Odd, very odd.

"I took out the guage panel and my dash
 to find out exactly what was wrong and
 where that annoying tick was comming from.
 I heard it coming from the exact same thing."

I did not have to remove so much to get to my noise, just the side kick

" When I leaned in closer to make sure that
 that was the source, my instrument cluster
 fell off the steering column that it was
 balancing on and the important eletrical
 parts of the cluster (tach, temp, gas,
 warning lights) just died.  But since then
 the ticking has stopped completely but the
 battery light is now on constantly (and
 sometimes the emergancy brake light) when
 the car is running (not while the car is
 off with the key in the on position)."

Same damn thing mine is doing. It only happens when the car is running.
Seems like you've gotten rid of the buzzing/ticking but at the cost of your
tach ect. It's probably due to one of those connections then?

" I have checked the battery connections
 and voltage, the alternator connections
 and voltage and everything has checked out
 normal (not to mention if it was the
 alternator my car would have died on my
 by now and it hasn't even made the
 slightest hint of that happening)."

Same here.

" I have also checked the fuse, so I know
 it's not that.
   So what I have concluded is that
 some wire(s) have busted and need to
 be replaced. "

Uh huh.

" But I won't know this
 for sure until I complete the daunting
 task of checking voltage output and
 continuity of every section of wire
 of each wire going to the cluster.  I
 plan on doing it this next weekend.  So
 if you don't know by then I should be
 able to shed some real light on the
 subject by the 14th."

Good lord, if you solve this I'll give you some jujubees. I just don't have
the time!

" So as long as you
 know your gas mileage and remember when
 to shift by how fast your going you
 should be okay to drive. "

My intruments are still working. I'll take that as a blessing I guess.

> Brit Conner
> '93 P10

1994 Sentra SE-R