93 G20 audio system problem (factory amps a problem?)

Brian Jones jonesbri@cox.net
Tue, 1 Apr 2003 22:17:04 -0600

> Hello,
> I had a friend of mine who installes car stereos fo a
> living install a 15" alpine woofer and RF punch amp
> into my 1993.5 infiniti G20.  Everything is hooked up

Are you using an aftermarket headunit or the stock one?

> right, all components tested but still no output...
> I've heard that the problem might be with the two
> factory amps that came with the vehicle that year, and
> that they may need to be rewired... if anyone has any
> information on this I would really appreciate some
> assistance, thank you

Its gonna depend on your setup.  They do not need to be
Rewired if you want to use them.  This really isnt that
Hard of a system, so not to bash your friend, but if he
Does it for a living, you may want to have someone else
Go do it :)  I figured it out on my own and it was the first
Car I ever did stereo stuff to.  Either way, lemme know
What headunit u have and I'll help ya.

-Brian Jones
93.5 G