Bulletproof SE-R transmission gear set here at last

mike kojima choaderboy2@yahoo.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:37:19 -0600

 After months of waiting, I have finaly recevied the
long waited constant mesh, bulletproof (hopefuly) gear
set from PAR Engineering in Australia.  I went with
PAR after Ivan Tomac of the GTI-R list made the intro
for me.  PAR was much more willing and cooperative
than the aborted Quaife deal last year.

The gearset has wider gears due to ditching the
syncros in favor of dog rings and third gear is about
30% wider from eyeballing it.  The tooth profile is
much bigger and more aggressive than stock and all of
the gears are wider.

The metal which is supposed to be some sort of trick
alloy is very hard and rings when struck.

Since I have some experiance driving constant mesh
transmission before, this should be pretty streetable
provided that you can heel and toe or can use the
clutch and shift briskly.  The only tricky thing in my
opinion is getting the car in gear from a standing

I am going to use this with a JWT dual disc clutch
with an organic lining for more cushion.  The gearset
is suppoed to handle 500 hp without breaking 3rd gear.

I will report back once it gets test fitted and
actualy driven.