Our best and fastest cars and drivers needed for a TV show produced by SCC!

George Roffe geo3@earthlink.net
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 21:58:35 -0600

mike kojima wrote:

>I mean there are guys like Shu, Greg Amy, Pat
>Griffith, Larry McLeod, Barry Brown, Joe Dimino, Geo
>and others who are fast drivers but how will they do
>in an unfamiler car on an unfamiler track and are they
>willing to make the trek to the west coast?

Wow.  I'm speechless.  That's quite some company you've lumped me in
with.  Much as I would like to think I'm pretty fast, I'm not sure I'm in
the same company as Barry, Greg, and Joe.  For that matter, I wouldn't bet
the farm that I'm in the same company as Pat, Larry, and Shu.  I might be
willing however, depending upon when the event is.  I have a new job, so
getting long weekends *can* be a bit tough, but again, it depends upon when
it is.

Locally however, you have some guys that I'd put in a car ahead of me.  I'd
*never* run for pick slips against Jared or Sheening.  Hell, Naji would be
a great bet too.  He's a wild man, but he's fast and all indications are he
gets up to speed very quickly.  I'll bet he'd intimidate the hell out of
the Si guys. :-)

All of that said, if you need a driver and have an extra seat, I might be
interested.  I need to get back on my diet and work on my
"set-up."  Carrying a few less pounds around in the car can't do anything
but help.

>I am thinking of using my red turbo super classic,
>slicking it up and asking Randy Pobst to drive it (he
>is a buddy of mine).  I don't think there is a honda
>that can beat that combo.

Holy cats.  I wouldn't bet against Randy Pobst racing the Si guys in a GA16
Sentra!  If he decides to do it, I don't know how I could stay away.  I'd
try to do it just so I could meet him. :-)

George Roffe
Houston, TX