SE-R for Sale $3000

Matthew Kogan
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:47:58 -0600

Well,  It's finally official, I'm moving to Sunny San Diego.  Unfortunately
I have decided not to take my STS prepped SE-R with me, so I'm am trying to
find someone interested in Winning their Regional STS class and Tours and
possibly Nationals with it, since I cannot bring it with me to Cali.

It is a 91 SE-R fully prepped for SCCA STS class asking $3000.  For detailed
info contact me directly at

In 02 the vehicles achievements are as follows.

1st & 4rth Rome National Tour
1st & 6th North East Region Divisionals
6th SCCA National Championship
Boston BMW IST Champion

Matthew Kogan