Fuel pressure

Stephen Attwood autoxer7@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 02:49:28 -0600

Thanks for the info, Jay.  I could very well have a problem with the
injectors leaking especially considering the old plugs I pulled had a fair
amount of carbon deposits indicating a possible rich condition.

As far as the fuel pressure test goes my '91 FSM (page EF&EC-194) reads in
step 5

"At idling:
     Approximately 245 kPa (2.5 kg/cm^2, 36 psi)

A few seconds after ignition switch is turned OFF to ON:
     Approximately 294 kPa (3.0 kg/cm^2, 43 psi)"

I know what you're saying, though, with regards to pulling the vacuum hose
and reading 43 psi.  I've heard of others testing the fuel pressure this



Jay Whitely <jwhitely2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

>***First of all, the fuel pressure at idle with the
>vacuum hose disconnected should be 43 psi.  There is
>no specific reading for "with the key in the ON
>position". The car has to be running to set the


>Bleeding down to zero right away indicated one of two
>things. There is an issue with the fuel pump check valve
>or you have a leaking injector.