Central dash lights - Part Number

Brian Jones jonesbri@cox.net
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 20:34:17 -0600

Uhh forgot the #, but goto rat shack and get the little
Tiny smallest micro-bulbs you can find there...basically the
Two ends should be just very thin wire that you can easily
Wrap around the rubber bulb-holder.  Also, you can take off
Those stupid bulb condoms :)

If you havent taken apart the switch already, just a word
Of caution to do it like in a box because some have springy
Parts and whatnot that fly all over..just be careful.

-Brian Jones
93.5 G

> Is there a part number for those tiny lights inside the
> center dash switches?
> I'm talking about the lights inside the fog light, hazard
> light, and rear
> defrost buttons. I don't want to have to go buy new switches
> if I can just buy
> the lights.