Paul Kieca
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:12:08 -0600

Yes - although the people at told me (over the phone) that
the speed rating is lower - but how fast are we going to go with a 110
speed limiter? They kept on insisting that the comfort won't be the same
etc. My friend has it on his b13 se-r and he is fine with them. Thanks
for the input.

Paul Kieca
99 se-l soon to have new yoks

From: Melissa Fitzgerald []
That's what I finally decided for my car as well - there's such a
selection in the 195/55/15 size.  Michelin's would be great but at $140/

tire not sure if it's really worth it.  I've heard good things about the

Yoko - hope it works for both of us.

I have been running the Kumho's and have to agree with everyone else - I

don't like them - they started cupping soon after they were mounted (and
car was not out of the alignment, the shocks were good, etc - the tired
just bad).  And as far as winter weather is concerned in a car as light
the 200 or Sentra they do not grip the road at all - rain or snow!!

Good luck with your Yoko's - I think it's a better choice and at a

>From: "Paul Kieca" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RE: tires
>Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 10:06:39 -0600

>I have decided to go with the following:

>Avid T4
>$63 each

>Thanks everyone for the input.

>Paul Kieca
>99 se-l with a right front spare tire
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