sentras@tampabay.rr.com sentras@tampabay.rr.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:40:15 -0600

I called all over the US and Canada about six months ago to find mine. I Called
all the US Nissan parts dist. centers and they were all out. I also called many
dealers until I finally found the last set that was located in Hawai'i. They had
one set left setting on the shelf! It even cost more to ship them to me than the
mats cost themselves! BTW, don't even look for the OEM rubber floormats for the
Sentra SE-R's. Most people don't even know of their existence! They look just
like the carpeted ones with Sentra engraved into them but they're rubber.

>The dealer can't even get his hands on new ones for the classic.  Does anyone
>have any good recommendations for floor mats for a classic ?  Ideally they'd
>be charcoal carpet.