(no subject) PULLEYS

Michael Jez 93SER@attbi.com
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 22:58:30 -0600

And I quote Mike Kojima from SCC article of
http://www.se-r.net/about/200sx/scc/nov98/index.html here it goes :PPPPP
"Some observers to this process were concerned that the underdrive pulley's
lack of an inertia ring balancer as featured in the stock pulley could have
some negative effects on engine life. We believe that this is not a serious
concern. The SR20, unlike most Domestic engines has a fully counterweighted
crankshaft and is internally balanced. It does not rely on large balance
weights on the front pulley and flywheel to give dynamic balance like Ford
or Chevy engines. Highly-modified domestic engines are often internally
balanced by racing engine buiders at a great cost, but Nissan owners get
that stock! The damper on the stock pulley is probably primarily intended to
reduce accessory drive noise. With the underdrive pulley in place there
actually seems to be less idle and high rpm vibration. We could not detect
any increase in accessory drive noise ether. Only time will tell, but we are
not overly concerned."
--- So now do I get to keep talking jibberish for U ?? Ive been on this list
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