Front cover removal with motor in the car.

Jay Whitely
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 12:21:23 -0600

> Well at least I mentioned RWD DET. I wonder why this
> is different?

***It is different because of the extra space needed
for the CAS drive gear at the end of the exhaust can
sprocket. If you notice, the valve cover is also a
little longer than a FWD/AWD SR20

> Sounds like you are making good progress on your own
> engine finally Jay.
> Good to hear man.

***Thanks. The motor is completely stripped down and
ready to be machined.  Upon removal of the head, I
found an enormous amount of soot and carbon deposits
on top of the pistons and behind the pistons rings. I
believe the crap got behind my rings and caused such
so compression....around 25 psi for each cylinder.
After adding oil to each cylinder compression numbers
went up to 155 psi. I think that all of this may have
resulted from running the car for 5,000 miles without
the PCV system hooked up.

Later guys,

Jay Whitely
Tampa, FL
1996 200SX SE-R
GTi-R powered, F-MAX Stage 2