tow bar for SE-R

Peter Serwe
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 07:20:24 -0600

Okay, I guess I just had to jump in here - okay, your living on a not terribly
large group of islands - with extremely limited (and did we say expensive?) real
estate.  U-Haul - where?  Where would you u-haul to?

Hey Brandon - in Hawaii, if you move to Kauai from Oahu or Maui, do you drive a
u-haul onto a ferry to move?

I'd think people'd be using a moving service, and not moving their vehicles
around too much, but hopefully Brandon'll correct me if I'm wrong.  On the other
hand, I'm kinda suprised there's a drag strip out there..

"" wrote:

> Silly me.  I forgot you are in Hawaii.

> You must have U-Haul.  See if you can find one that is selling their old
> ones.

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