rollbar / safety issues with harness (something like that)

Jonathan Mistchenko and Sarah Reeves
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 21:25:50 -0600

Just another data point on the subject:  Six months ago I was rear-ended in
my 91 NX by a Camaro going about 35mph.  BOTH my wife's and my seatbacks
broke, and we reclined enough that our heads could have hit a rollbar behind
the seats.  The passenger seat also partially came off its track.  I'm not
sure how common this is, but it is something to think about.  Another thing
that became aparent in this accident is that the spare tire is a stressed
member in the event of a rear-end crash.  It seems to have absorbed a lot of
the energy of the crash.  It made me think twice about my habit of removing
the spare for normal around-town driving.

Jon Mistchenko
92 NX2K