Non-SE-R: GM OHV engines

Jack Ray
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 19:22:14 -0600

Steve wrote:

> I can't figure out what has been discussed here.

Jack wrote:

And I tried so hard to be clear (smile).

> 1. All modern engines are OHV ( overhead valve ) haven't seen any cars
> lately with side valves. Even SR20's are OHV.  Just means the valves are
> the heads.

That's true, but the common term for a pushrod, overhead valve engine is
OHV, so that's
what I used.

> 2. The discussion should have been about pushrod vs overhead cam.

Nah, not really.  People don't use the term 'pushrod engine'.  You could as
easily say
it should have been about overhead cam versus cam-in-block engines.  See #1

> 3. Somebody should tell the NASCAR people that their engines can't turn
> rpm.

> 4. Any differences between motors has to to with airflow, not necessarialy
> where the cam is located.

In a limited, theoretical sense your statement is correct.  In actuality,
though, the ability
to spin it up that an OHC engine has leads to many differences between OHC
OHV motors.

> 5. I feel better now...


Jack Ray