spark plugs

Brian Cembor
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:49:36 -0600

I posted a week or so go about timing and so on. I checked my plugs, don't
look fouled per se, but did have some build up on them, gap was still good
.035. should I go ahead and change? If so, do distributor at same time?

Basically I am encountering all the signs of a car that is 120k+ miles. Worn
bushings, splitting boots, possible strut failures (squeaking?), alternator
possibly going (lights flicker at idle), alignment going, blown motor mounts
(all 4, one replaced, others Sat.) need new clutch cable (gritch, hope for
Sat as well), shifter bushing worn, clutch possibly (no slip, but not
comfortable with it), all suspension bushings blown (Fnt SB and Steer on Sat
2b replaced)... am I missing anything else I should be checking?

Oh yeah, is the right sight side endlink supposed to be bent where it
connects to the sway bar?

Brian M. Cembor
92 SE-R in need of some hard work to be up to spec.