rollbar / safety issues with harness (something like that)
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:11:47 -0600

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> Just make sure you actually sit in one before you buy it; some seats are
> literally too narrow for anyone bigger than a 34" waist.

im trying to find seats for my girlfriends 99' ss camero and she wears like a
0-3 in girl pants( i dont know exactly what that is in inches but its pretty
damn small!)  the stock seats in that car are CRAP!! the leather is nice if
youre in to that kind of thing but its like sitting on a bar stool. i've
gotten really good at using my knee for a brace during corning but that
interferes in downshifting because my left foot is too busy trying to keep my
from flying out the window to toe-heel.
91 classic
secretly "borrows" girlfriends super-touring camero :)