rollbar / safety issues with harness (something like that)
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 21:43:42 -0600

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> The bar is usually far enough back to not be a danger unless the seatback
> breaks.  A cage OTOH puts bars perilously close to your head.  Now, I have

A rollcage, according to the SCCA Solo-II rules, is only two bars away from
a rollbar.  If you have a hoop, that's a rollbar.  If you have a hoop with
two diagonal bars (left and right) that brace the hoop to the rear strut
towers or floorboard, that's still a rollbar.  If you have a hoop with
*four* diagonal bars (left and right, forward and rear), you now have a

I got a little caught up in symantics; what are you talking about?

As far as harness strap placement, you really need to talk to the
harness maker about that.  On a B15, the LATCH system lower points are
at an ideal angle (relative to the top seatback) to be used with something
like a Schroth ASM Ralleye 3 or ASM AutoControl.  I don't think that any
B14s had LATCH points, though.  Best contact the harness manufacturer...

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