Harness safety in street car?

Boonie L boonrat@yahoo.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 03:26:34 -0600

Peter Jackson wrote:

> I know that installing a 5 pt race harness with
> stock seats is bad. The downward angle of the rear
> straps will compress the spine in an accident.

More importantly, if the ceiling is collapsing down on
you during accident, your head and neck won't have
room to move away. You can just lean the seat back to
avoid it, but accidents happen too quickly. With the
stock 3-point harness, you can just lean to the right
to prevent your neck from breaking.

> My goal is to have a harness I could snap in for
> track events only but to have mounting point
> hardware I could just leave that would be OK for
> the street.

If you really want the harness, at least avoid the
non-reclinable bucket seat. Your comments about the
angles you mount the belts are quite correct. You can
get a long H-type shoulder belts that extend far to
the rear seat. IIRC, Sabelt sells a 70+ inches
H-shoulder belt that you can safely mount them on as
far as the rear seat's stock harness mounting spots.
Actually, a lot of professional drivers do prefer
longer shoulder harness because of the more play you
can get from longer harness.

www.racerpartswholesale.com got some really good deals
on Sabelt harness.