Autometer Oil Pressure gauge install

Andy Kunkle
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 18:52:41 -0600

Hey fellow DE and DET'rs

I'm in the middle of doing a GTi-R swap into my 91 Classic... I'm actually
approaching the light at the end of the tunnel! Today I got involved in
wiring my oil pressure gauge and boost gauge.... it all seemed pretty
straight forward. I just have one question in all of this.

I've checked with the archives and found only one real post regarding
finding the ignition switch. Jay H. said to tap into the cigarette lighter
wire. My question is if anyone knows what color pattern the ignition switch
wire is coming from the actual switch. I have a 91 Classic. I've already
spliced into what I *think* is the ignition.. but I wanted to make certain
it was correct before moving on...

I have the FSM for my car and it was a lot confusing when it came to wiring.
I believe, if I'm reading it correctly, that the wire I should have tapped
into is the Black/Red one coming from the ignition... can anyone verify
this? I would be greatly appreciative of any help.

Other than that, I spliced the light for the gauge into the dimmer switch on
the dash... this will work right? and ran a wire up into the pod that I
attached the bulbs to. I then attached the other wire for the bulbs to the
ground that I'm running to the engine bay. Seemed like a viable place to
pull ground from.

Anyway, sorry for my rambling.. I look forward to hearing from someone about


91 SE-R
Engine-less for the time being.. waiting to receive Gti-R...   <--- my slacker site.. < --- pictures of the swap and things...