GC Coilover Options, Koni Options

Chris Pronios hpro@b-link.gr
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 08:14:27 -0500

> You could do that, but the total cost is going to be in the same ballpark
> as the GCs and personally, I'd rather have the GCs.

George and list,

going back to the original motivation for this thread and after pricing the
Koni H/W for the coilovers, it goes up to ~USD260 in the States (Truchoice)
so I can safely assume that it will be at least this much +18% VAT over here
(my rule-of-thumb).

If I also price Eiback ERS from Truchoice (minimum $55 each) I go at least
close to USD 500 total so this option is not really cost effective. So it
actually seems that GC actually offers a great deal for the whole package
and I am inclined to purchasse again (had a kit for a couple of years that I
sold to a fellow SERer at my cost).

However, there is a much cheaper option which I am very catious about: Buy
on of the low cost coilover sets (don't even know the brand, R1 or whatever)
for US$ 70 and have them keep the springs and ship ONLY the mounting HW to
me. This should bring my total HW cost down to maybe $100 and I can then get
the springs from my friendly local Eiback distributor.

Now, I know I will probably end up getting a GC set again but, does anyone
have any opinion on the "quality" of the threaded sleeves and the perches on
the R-whatever coilover kits? Is it worth to gamble $100 on the H/W alone?

1992 Suny 2.0GTi