Goodbye mailing list.

Brian Cembor
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:26:12 -0500

George, I am sorry if it "pisses you off" that was not my intention. I am
trying to understand the reasoning/logic here.

Okay, Larry has other interests, so do we all. it is not expected (at least
by me) that he moderate 24/7.
Yes, he "owns" the list he can do what he wants, but to say it is because of
less traffic and other media fill gaps is, to me, not a valid reason. If
Larry said, "you know what, I don't want the responsibility any more will
someone take this or move it" I could buy that.
I want the list to continue as much as anyone else here. I just don't buy
into the reasoning as to the "dignified death". It only dies if WE let it
die. So the traffic is down... so what? There is friendly banter and "less"
technical talk... so what? So some of the announcements are not made on
here.. whose responsibility is that? I say the members themselves. Many of
us subscribe to many other lists, you George say so yourself, and frequent
many of the "competing" forums. Why don't you make said announcements or
link posts on this list? I have been just as guilty of this as any of you in
this regard.

I applaud Larry for maintaining this list for so long. Maybe he should pass
the torch, as someone else already stated, if he no longer feels
passionately about this list. I respect what he does with this list
otherwise I would not be speaking up in dissent of this decision.
Disagreement is not disrespect. As I stated originally I am trying to
understand the motivation here.


Oh my.  Where to start?

Yes Brian, you are *way* off base here.  Mein Gott im Himmel, if you only
knew how far off base you are.  Actually, it kind of pisses me off.
other interests that take up a great deal of his time and has not been
terribly active on the SE-R list, but he has not only maintained it, but
done a great job of making and keeping it one of the best Internet mailing
lists I've seen.
For the last few years, Larry has not been
maintaining this list for *his* benefit, but for ours.

No, Larry's feelings are just exactly what he wrote.  Better to let the
list die a dignified death than to whither away into irrelevance.  I
respect and support that.