How Should I price my 93 SE-R

Mohammad J. Baig
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:25:22 -0500

Hello All.  I am possibly thinking about selling my
classic 93.  The problem is that I am having trouble
pricing it accurately.  I looked at all the various
places (KBB,, Yahoo, edmunds) and I am not
convinced that my car is worth as little as they
quote.  Let me elaborate.  For example a 1985 Toyota
Land Cruiser with ~130k miles is worth like $3000.
These things go for MUCH more than that.  I did a
basic search and they probably average around $4000 at

So I guess my question is how do I factor in the
"rare, and hard to find" factor.

My car is a 93 SE-R with 113k on it.  It has a
Sunroof, AC and a 12 Disc CD Changer as well as all
the other goodies that came standard with the SE-R.
It also has ABS, which is acting funky right now, so I
have it unplugged...So lets pretend I dont have it for
now.  The car is in impeacable mechanical shape and
has been taken care of extremly well.  I have done a
major maintenance job on it recently.  The clutch was
replaced with a JWT clutch (no clutch gritch or 5th
gear popout problem).  The cable as well as all the
seals were replaced.  I had all the engine mounts
replaced as well as a starter.  In total I have spent
around $1000 on it within the last 3 months.
Transmission fluid was changed and replaced with
redline.  Mobil 1 10W30 SYNTHETIC has always been

This car is ready to go for another 100k.

How can I price this accurately ?