Pacesetter Monza cat-back exhaust system - installed

Ivan Chou
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 17:19:23 -0500

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 wrote:

> > There is only one flange to connect the cat, after that it's all slip-on
> > pieces, fastened by cheap u-bolt clamps.  Fitment is quite good; I get no

> If you have a buddy with a welder, you can get rid of the clamps, too.

Hehe, the clamps will have to do for now, since I may disassemble the
muffler portion at some point.  I "lubed the snot" (historical ref.) out
of the clamp bolts with anti-seize.  Now I'm looking for some rubber
nipples to place over them.  I banged up my hand pretty bad on the rear
wheel assy trying to get the rusted flange bolts off, and don't look
forward to it again.

> > The muffler appears to be a non straight-thru design with an left offset
> > inlet, center outlet exiting to a single 4" chrome tip, painted yellow

> As stated, the tip is hideous.  I'd be willing to bet that the muffler
> that comes with the system flows as well as a DynoMax SuperTurbo (a $40
> muffler), and getting something better would be a totally trivial

I was thinking of having the tip cut off, as I'd seen a guy do on the
forums (but with a melted rear valence).  I'm not that keen on paying
extra for a new tip, since replacing muffler portion seems easy on this
system.  The muffler is connected to the rear section pipe by a clamp, and
it has a standard inlet connector.  So I could just measure and find one
with a left 2 1/4" inlet and have someone put the hangers on. :)

Ivan - '93 SE-R 111k, '95 M3 108k