Pacesetter Monza cat-back exhaust system - installed

Ivan Chou
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:49:49 -0500

Keywords: Pacesetter Monza catback exhaust system mandrel bends

I just installed this exhaust after my Stromung mid-pipe broke after the
first flange, 5 years of good service.  The much-recommended Courtesy
stainless steel b-pipe was back-ordered for several weeks.  Was in a rush
so I didn't take photos, but I made a quick measurement with a ruler and
the ID is about 2 1/8", despite the 2 1/4" advertised.  There is a small
resonator, and it looks somewhat restrictive on the inside, maybe 2".
However, there are mandrel bends all the way down.  $175 shipped complete
from NOPI; who can argue as a last-minute fix?  Midas wanted $157 just to
weld a new flange on my old pipe.

There is only one flange to connect the cat, after that it's all slip-on
pieces, fastened by cheap u-bolt clamps.  Fitment is quite good; I get no
banging from any part, and the system hangs nicely on the stock hangers.

The muffler appears to be a non straight-thru design with an left offset
inlet, center outlet exiting to a single 4" chrome tip, painted yellow
inside.  I spray-painted over the yellow portion already with some
DupliColor paint and it has held up for a week so far.  Would've bought
hi-temp paint instead if I didn't have those cans already.

Initial thoughts: Performance seems to be decent - pulls to redline fine
(I have I/H/ECU), and the car is very quiet now, almost stock noise
levels!  It would be really good as a low-cost OEM replacement, especially
if one can have it coated or at least add additional paint for longevity.

Ivan - '93 SE-R 111k, '95 M3 108k