track days

Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:27:54 -0500

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Brian Cembor wrote:

> to do TDGP, Talledega Grand Prix (an oversized motorcycle course) and after
> this weekend at the Petit LeMans, I want to run at Road Atlanta. I need to

Definitely!  I'd love to do Road Atlanta at some point!  The more tracks
and the more track time, the better!

> find the local groups that run here. I believe the PCA chapter does some...
> not sure though. Now to find the $$$ as well...

Look into PCA, BMW, Audi... find all the different car clubs and they're
bound to have some events.  Also, look into SCCA and NASA; they may be
able to point you in the direction of club events.  Also, go to the actual
track's website as they should have a schedule posted telling you of the
different clubs running there and give you websites.  If they don't, call
the track and inquire about the different clubs that run at their track

> Oh yeah, and like golf... you can play all four seasons down here :-)

Go ahead... rub it in ;(  I'll be heading south in November to hit Summit
POint in West Virginia.  Next year I'll try to hit VIR and maybe even Road
Atlanta, Mt. Tremblant in Canada, and Mid Ohio or Nelson Ledges