unusual B13 front spoilers

Scarpulla, Christopher [IT] christopher.scarpulla@citigroup.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:31:28 -0500

>From: Darren Calbero [mailto:DarrenC@ampartners.com]

>When I first looked at that website, I LMAO.


Me too! How about that Fuel Trap? How the heck have I gotten to the ripe age
of 39 without a fuel trap. Not too mention the fact that my car has no
Hallen bolts. My fuel door is boring, I hang my head in shame.


Read further,

"Click on the picture to see it detailed. We offer now 2 models of Fuel
Trap. One is perfectly fit to the B13 model and the other one is Universal.
Contact us for specific model.

The Fuel Trap have a complex mechanism who replace your boring fuel door by
a real eye catcher. It is a real and fonctional piece of art, not a cheap
copy with an adhesive.

Done with mirror polished Stainless Steel and assembled with Hallen bolts
(also in Stainless).

Grades available are T-304 and T-316, depending on your geographical
location, T-316 offer better properties against rusting (salt, acid,
calcium) to keep a showroom finish for years to come."