10:1 compression with Turbo ?

Josh Higgins slownx2k@hotmail.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 12:58:15 -0500

I've got a 91 SE-R turbo w/ a blown motor. Can I stick in an NA jspec 10:1
compression motor?? I promise I'm only going to run 7psi this time.

I'm guessing my biggest problem will be running my JWT ECU programmed for a
9.5:1 compression motor, right? Has anyone ever tried this?

I can get a jspec SR20 locally for $850. A used US spec SR20 will run me
1200+. I'd really like to have an extra 350 bucks in my pocket.
Any advise will be appriciated.. Here are the details of my setup:

370cc injectors
T3 turbo
Deltagate wastegate w/ 7psi spring
Front mounted Starion intercooler.

Josh Higgins
91 SE-R turbo (sort of)
92 NX