Stillen header and O2 sensor ground

Mon, 27 May 2002 11:45:28 -0500

I know that there has been some talk about this, But I dont know If it has
happened to anyone. If you have a Stillen ceramic coated header, You might not
be getting a good ground at your conection to the cat. I checked mine last
night and found that it was a open circut. Ever since I put the header on the
car has been running pig rich. After I fixed the ground it seems that my O2
sensor got hosed by the anti sieze that I used...Gee it was only a week old.
It is my own fault though, I did not get a sensor safe ant-seize. My dumab ass
just cost myself $65. Oh well, just thought I would verify what I have seen
said that could happen.

91 Pig Rich SE-R on its way to Auto Zone to get a new Bosch O2 sensor.. At
least it even has the same part # as the one I got from Nissan.