Suspension adjustment

Mike Jez
Sat, 4 May 2002 07:41:19 -0500

This might apply to your car also...I have my Maxima dupped 2.5" in the
front and 2" in the rear. With the suspension at 3" in the front the
aligment stayed the same. As a matter a fact I have not even adjusted
anything from the factory since my toe is still good on the front and camber
is not adjustable but its at - 1.0 on both sides for the front and -.7 on
the rears. Car is perfectly balanced it doesn't bottom out at all and it
doesn't understeer...its oversteers a little when pushed hard but thats only
when I wanna have the rear step out. I run 500/400 springs on my Koni Yellow
Coilovers with a rear adjustable Addco swaybar set at max stiffness. Car
feels supprisingly little stiffer than a SE Maxima but with sticky rubber I
been able to take onramps and shit like that faster than my buddy with a C5
Vette. I too run W10s on the street, 235-40-18s thou.
Mike Jez
01 Maxima big ass boat and I love it. 14.2s all motor and still not done.