how i messed up my header, and maybe a motor mount..
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 18:54:33 -0500

sorry all, this is kinda long, but i really need some ideas on this one.

so i went to clean my motor a while ago.  the new cleaner my dad had gotten
was supposed to be diluted 1-5.  it wasnt.  needless to say, it foamed on
contact on the new header, and now i have this white film on it.  kinda
pissed, but ohh well.  the performance is what really matters..

anyway, i was installing my new foglights the other day, and i noticed that
the passenger side motor mount seems to be leaking fluid.  when i press on
the motor, i can see the fluid moving in that hole on top of it.  im
wondering if some of the cleaner got in that hole and messed up the seal to
the fluid in the mount?

so what do i do?  what kinda time frame am i looking at here for a total
failure of the mount?  i want to get motor mount inserts, but i know that
this mount is the one that most people leave stock, right?  i have seen one
of these broken.  i kinda dont want to go down the same road.  so, will it be
fine without/going low on the fluid?  should i just get the ES inserts?
should i just forget it and buy a new mount?

'93 NX2k