Alignment problem

Gerardo Mendez
Sat, 9 Mar 2002 01:36:38 -0600

I'm having the exact same symptoms, including the
"rumbling 4x4 sound", which for me occurs while
cruising.  When I accelerate, the noise is not there.
It seems toe-in occurs under acceleration, then goes
back to toe-out while cruising.  I know my control
arms are fine, at least I think so.  Here are my
alignment specs (didn't help much to quiet the noise):
front camber left: -1.0    right: -0.7
rear  camber left: -0.7    right: -0.6
front caster left:  0.8    right:  1.0
front toe    left:  0.1    right:  0.06
front cross camber: -0.3
front cross castor: -0.2
total toe: .16
rear total toe: 0.17
rear thrust angle: -0.02

Should I start suspecting the tie rod ends?

--- Wes Thompson <> wrote:
> Hey LMs.  Looks like my criticism of the Khumo tires
> sounding like ass is

'92 black SE-R
'83 BMW 320i