Clutch replaced...pedal feels funky

Mark Holden
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 21:57:46 -0600

On 08.03.2002 19:38:34, George Roffe <> wrote:

>It could either be your cable is dirty or the pivot
>points of the lever inside the bellhousing that holds the
>TO bearing are dirty.

>I vote for door number 2, but checking door number 1 is
>easier, so try cleaning and lubing the cable first.

Given that he mentioned that the clutch cable was replaced,
I'm pretty certain it's door #2.  I would guess that the
mechanic probably cleaned up things in the bell housing
(wouldn't want grease getting on the clutch, now, would we?)
and now when the whole thing is activated it is metal
on metal.

-Mark Holden
1993 SE-R (JWT PP, no clutch gritch)
2002 WRX

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