coolant leak from engine

George Roffe
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 20:52:53 -0600

David P. wrote:

>I've got coolant leaking from the side of the engine where the belts are I
>think.  The coolant collects around the oil pan and drips down.

The only thing there is the water pump.

>I was wondering what is the cause of the leak?

Water pump.

>The waterpump has been replaced a month ago.  The mechanic says it's not
>the waterpump (although he may be saying that to cover his ass)

I'd bet on CYA.

>Mechanic thinks it's the timing chain cover thingy being worn out by the
>timing chain.

Your mechanic is a monkey.  If there was a problem with the timing chain
cover, it would be leaking oil, not water.

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