Alignment problem and Khumo 712s revisited

Wes Thompson
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 09:26:53 -0600

Hey LMs.  Looks like my criticism of the Khumo tires sounding like ass is
pretty much a problem with the alignment.  I am getting a very eneven wear on
the inside edges of my tires.  Each block of tread is worn flat at and angle to
the next block of tread causing the rumbling 4x4 sound.  I have noticed lately
that the car feels kind of twitchy or wobbly in the steering.  Any guesses, toe
in or out?  So am I pretty much SOL with these tires now?  I have been thinking
maybe I can get them re-mounted and swap sides so the uneven edges are on the
outside, but I don't think it will help.  Is there any way to get the tires
shaved round again?  Sux that I now have a ruined 400 dollar set of tires.  I
just cannot deal with this noise any longer.  Maybe discount can prorate me a
new set but I doubt it.  Any suggestions?

98 SE-R w/Monster Mudders