How do I know it's a T28

Raymond A. Kawski
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:07:15 -0600

Steve Foltz wrote:

> I am planning on buying a turbo used and want to know how I can tell a t28
> vs t25 while it is still attached to a car.  Any Ideas.  Also, do the new
> archives have a search engine I can use.

If you haven't seen them before it's kinda hard.  The T28
is bigger.  The T28 has a much larger wastegate actuator which
is hard to see on the car.  There are pics of my T28 on they are pictures of it next to a hat
and a remote control car.  I don't recall the exact link.

Ray Kawski
1998 Sentra SE Turbo, 1991 NX 2000, 340K mile 1991 Sentra SE-R
Poconos, PA