Kenley Meza
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:18:16 -0600

First off I want to say that you guys are great and
don't hate me for what I want to do.

I know there has go to be atleast one person that has
put in a T25 without the upgraded ECU, I want to know
if you had any problems or what.  I plan to get the
ECU but for the meanwhile I will run the lowest
possible boost I can run.

I know this is stupid and most of you are going to say
something like its going to be fine until you hear a
ka-boom which I know that sound isnt good.

This is what I plan to do:

Install the T25 with my boost contoller fully open
Stillen Fuel Pressure riser with 370cc injectors
AIR/FUEL guage which I know will help me avoid those
dreaded kaboom noises.
GReddy Exhaust
K&N filter
Top Mount Intercooler with SUBURU SCOOP, if you see a
suburu without the scoop don't look at me ;)

Another thing is should I get the MSD Ignition that
retards the timing or what should I set my timing at
with the turbo

I know I spoke with Geo and he probably thinks I'm
stupid as well as most of you might think now but I
want to see if I can install a turbo.

I read on the forum that someguy wanted to do a turbo
install with the stock injectors and ECU but after
they gave him crap it ended, nobody posted any updates
or anything that I could find.

The main point of this story is that I need advise and
on what to do to be careful  any suggestions besides
wait or just get the ECU.

I really appreciate your help and whatever
happens,...well happens, what can we do right?